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                Monday Missions was created over on Youtube by A Thousand Lives of Daisy as a way to make reading goals for the week. I’ve always thought these were preferable to monthly TBRs (which honestly, who really ever accomplishes reading everything they planned to read in a month?) so I figured I’d try it out this week.

                I’ve got a busy work week coming up, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to read, but I'm hoping to finish up 3 books! So my goal this week is to...

Finish The Mortal Instruments Series! 
(Books 4-6)

              I had read City of Bones ages ago and vowed that I would never finish the series, but the hype surrounding tomorrow’s release of the final installment, City of Heavenly Fire, has me feeling like I need to read them just to be ‘in the know’. Last week I managed to read the second and third book, City of Ashes and City of Glass. I’m now reading the fourth book, City of Fallen Angels, and will hopefully get around to City of Lost Souls and maybe City of Heavenly Fire? This series is my main priority for this week, reading wise, and If I actually manage to finish the series I will feel uber accomplished. The main reason I want to have it finished this week is because of spoilers. The internet is rubbish at keeping secrets about the final books in series. The book isn't even out yet and there are already spoilers! This isn’t my favorite series in the world, but it’ll be nice to have it finished and to know what the heck everyone is going on about.

If I do manage to finish these books before the week ends, I have no idea what I'll pick up afterwards. Hopefully something from my bookshelf! (My TBR pile may be small compared to some, but having all of these unread books makes me anxious!)

What will you be reading this week?
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  1. That's great! TMI is not by far my favorite series. But I have read all the books, so I'm planning for COHF to be my last Cassie Clare book. Happy reading!

    - Marcey @ Readical