Enchantology is NOT currently accepting review requests. I expect to be open to solicited Advanced Review Copies and Review Copies of books in early 2015. All books received for free from a publisher/author in exchange for an honest review are clearly marked as such. The vast majority of books reviewed at Enchantology were purchased by myself or borrowed from my local library.

Preferred Genres for Review

  • Young Adult (Fantasy)
  • Fantasy 
  • Science Fiction/Dystopia (least often)

How I Review

All reviews on Enchantology are spoiler-free (when possible, as this is tricky when reviewing sequels) and contain my honest thoughts about the book in question. 

The Rating System
I use a 5 star system, though I do often utilize half stars. The ratings work as follows;

5 Stars
Mind-blowingly good.
 Generally reserved for near-perfect books that I'll pretend are perfect just because I love them unconditionally.

4 Stars
Really enjoyable.
A book I would highly recommend, with some conditions.

3 Stars
Good books that just weren't great for me fall into this category.

2 Stars
Just okay.
Disappointing books fall here, though often these are books I discover aren't for me and may be good for other readers.

1 Star
Don't bother.
I rarely formally review 1 star books. Regardless, these are the books that had no redeeming qualities for me.

Contact Us
You can reach me at enchantology(at)gmail.com. Please keep in mind that, again, I'm not currently accepting review requests.

- Paige Firth