Day 3 Progress & Challenge | Bout of Books 9.0 Readathon

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My reading efforts were divided today as I was torn between following my TBR and reading V for Vendetta, or following my gut (and Regan from PeruseProject's insistence) and reading The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima. I did both, though my efforts were certainly more focused on V for Vendetta. I'm hoping to finish V for Vendetta early tomorrow so that I can really dedicate myself to The Exiled Queen!

Total Before Today:  380 pages
Progress on V for Vendetta today: 208 pages read (out of 296)
Progress on The Exiled Queen today: 65 pages read (out of 586)
Today's Total: 273 pages

Total for the Readathon so far: 653 pages!

Today's Challenge is...
to introduce books from your favorite genre that you would recommend to readers who want to try it out! This challenge is hosted by doingdeweydecimal and includes a giveaway for those who participate.

The genre I'm choosing is, naturally, fantasy. I've also decided to narrow it down to high fantasy. I'm going to recommend the book I read during day one and two of the readathon, and that is The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. The cast of characters is neither underwhelming nor overwhelming, the plot isn't too predictable or convoluted, and the fantasy elements are pretty mellow but still intriguing. For a fantasy novel, this isn't too "heavy" for newcomers of the genre. There's no massive exposition dumping or character-confusion, as there can often be in high fantasy novels. This was a book that was highly recommended to me (and rightfully so) and I simply must pass on the recommendation!

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