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  Hello there! Welcome to my new book blog. I've been running my Youtube channel, Enchantology, for a few months now. On that channel I talk about books, and I'll be doing the same here. In the past, I ran a book blog with this exact name... but I abandoned blogging because posting reviews without connecting with anyone was a bore. Now that I make videos, I can see that there are some things that I would love to do for my subscribers... but would only be able to do them in this kind of medium. Thus the blog is reborn.

What You Can Expect

  • Monthly Reading Wrap-Ups with "Mini Reviews"
  • Posts that correspond with my videos, for those that involve lists or anything that I can shorten for those that might not have time to sit through the whole video. (Because honestly, I don't expect my subscribers to sit through the entirety of my videos. If I can provide a reasonable & shorter alternative, I will.) 
  • Occasional book reviews - I read mostly fantasy/dystopia/historical fiction, often YA but not exclusively.
  • Booktube Spotlight (for when I've collected a few amazing videos from other Booktubers to share).
  • Other fun things!
   I'm looking forward to sharing more with you all through a different medium. I hope you're as excited as I am. If you'd like to follow this blog, there are options in the sidebar (subscribe via email, join via Google...) or you can follow me on Twitter, where I will always update with links to my newest posts. Or you could just not follow me. Do what you do, boo.

xx Paige

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  1. i am as excited as you are...I adore your BookTube channel...so happy about your beautiful and thoughtful blog!!!! I will be a frequent visitor :)

  2. Oh yaay you have a book blog now ;D